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W6 Quiltmaschine – Quilt and patchwork to your heart's content

Quilting machines, also known as patchwork sewing machines or long-arm sewing machines, offer a lot of space for your sewing projects and practical features for comfortable and quick quilting and patchwork. Discover the colourful world of quilts with W6.

Our W6 quilt sewing machine will convince you with its robustness, durability and high quality. Sew at a semi-professional level, create beautiful quilts and patchwork for your family and friends. Of course, you can also use the quilting machine for all other sewing projects.

W6 sewing machine N 9000 QPL
The powerful semi-professional long-arm sewing machine with free arm for sewing and quilting is a lockstitch machine of the W6 luxury segment.The W6 N 9000 QPL is robust, stable, comfortable and durable. This sewing and quilting powerhouse is equipped with a large industrial re-stitch button, a knee lifter and a freely programmable, automatic needle stop at the top/bottom. These features make semi-professional sewing possible for practically anyone and are also perfectly suitable for quilting and patching.Top quality from the W6 series, as usual. The long-arm sewing machine has an incredible width, depth and height. You can quickly and easily convert the long-arm sewing machine into a free-arm sewing machine, with which you can sew round trouser legs without any problems. The extremely powerful sewing machine is equipped with a 90 Watt heavy-duty motor, which is able to deliver up to 1000 stitches per minute. The W6 N 9000 QPL allows for a stepless stitch width and stitch length setting. The extraordinary straight stitching of this W6 machine in combination with a serial metal straight stitch foot in connection with the fabric feed dog enables highly precise handling. The 22 straight stitch needle position options and the W6 special high quilting foot, which allows for extreme quilt applications, will delight patchwork and quilting enthusiasts alike.  The extremely large throat area amounts to an incredible 304 mm. 6 bright HQ-LED lamps provide ideal and ample illumination for the extremely large working surface. The standard ergonomic knee lifter lowers and lifts the presser foot so that your hands are free for guiding and moving the fabric. This machine stands out from the crowd thanks to its series needle threader, the freely programmable needle stop at the top/bottom, the manual thread cutter, the automatic lower thread rapid winding function, the 28 selected stitch programmes as well as the numerous special presser feet. You will love this semi-professional long-arm sewing machine with free-arm function…Top quality of the W6 seriesRobust, stable and durableAs our name, WERTARBEIT, suggests (at least to those who speak German), we provide quality workmanship, as well as 10 years guarantee when registering on our W6 pageLong-arm sewing machine + free-arm function and knee lifter 90-Watt heavy-duty motor with capable of up to 1000 stitches/minute Ideal for sewing, patchwork and quiltingNeedle stop position at the top or bottom freely selectable by the user22 steplessly adjustable needle positions in straight stitchQuilt stitchesSatin stitchesDecorative stitchesAntique and retro stitchesSuitable utility stitch programmeFree-hand monogram and free-hand embroidery possibleBlind stitchAutomatic lower thread rapid winding functionManual thread cutterStandard ergonomic knee lifterRetractable fabric feed dogRotary hook without jamming, horizontal hook systemAdjustable foot pressureIntegrated needle threader, quick and easy threadingGiant working surface, with bright and glare-free lighting by 6 HQ LEDsAdjustable foot pressureFree-arm machine!You also have the option of purchasing the large quilting table with a length of 610 mm.Accessories included:Knee lifterStandard zigzag footZipper footBlind hem footOpen satin stitch foot Overlock footButtonhole foot4 plastic bobbins, including one in the machineSpare needle assortment (woven fabric) 2 screwdriversRipping knifeHigh-quality embroidered transport fabric cover in exclusive W6 design Foot controllerQuilting barCleaning brushStraight stitch footSpecial high quilting foot (use instead of the free-hand quilting foot, see operating manual, chapter 13.8) Rolled hem foot Click on the image or right-click and open in a new tab or window Elektro- und Elektronikgerätegesetz (ElektroG) [German law on electrical and electronic devices]: WEEE reg. no. DE 16750009

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W6 sewing machine N 9500C QPL
The new long-arm computer-controlled sewing machine W6 N 9500C QPL with 500 patterns – for sewing, quilting & patchwork. The W6 N 9500C QPL is a 9-mm computer-controlled long-arm machine capable of performing approx. 1000 stitches per minute and which features a free-arm, knee lifter, automatic thread cutter, start/stop button, an attractive design and an extra large throat area. The large-format LCD touchscreen (125 mm x 70 mm) enables an easy and comfortable operation of this high-quality sewing machine. The most important operating elements are located in direct vicinity to the head part.Automatic thread tensioning ensures an ideal stitch quality. You can also have the upper and lower thread cut at the same time by pressing a single button. The upper thread can be threaded easily through the eye of the needle by means of the automatic threader. The offer is rounded off by the automatic point sewing programme, the freely selectable needle stop at the top/bottom as well as the steplessly adjustable sewing speed. The adjustable foot pressure will help you with more sophisticated, demanding sewing work. This will ensure that even sewing very elastic or voluminous (thicker) fabrics is no problem. The entire work are is ideally lit by means of 6 HQ LED lights. The W6 N 9500C QPL has been designed for versatile sewing work. With about 500 utility and decorative stitches at your disposal, you are bound to find the right pattern for you project. You will be able to add your own individual design or lettering to your sewing projects with 12 different buttonhole programmes, a freely programmable buttonhole, an integrated button sewing programme and three different fonts. Use the enormous number of application, antique, retro, satin and decorative stitches in connection with the intermediate storage to realise your creative ideas. Sewing is great fun thanks to the steplessly adjustable needle position for straight stitch, a stitch width of max. 9 mm, a maximum stitch length of 5 mm and the fabric feed dog. This sewing machine is particularly suitable for sewing and quilting thanks to its 300 mm throat area (right of the needle). The generously proportioned storage compartments in the front and rear part of the extension table offer sufficient space for all types of presser feet, special feet, quilting accessories and bulky straightedges. The face plate includes an overview with all stitch types.This all-round machine can be further upgraded by means of optional accessories: Large circulatory sewing attachment W6 sewing machine walking foot set with 3 replacement soles and straightedge Ruler foot with the corresponding rulers Stable extension table for tension relief when sewing large pieces of fabric The new large long-arm computer-controlled sewing machine by W6 Wertarbeit features the following functions, among others: Large work surface, which can be further extended with a large extension table Large free arm 9-mm stitch width, 5-mm stitch length  Foldable handle Clear and easy to operate LCD touchscreen (125 mm x 70 mm) Automatic thread cutter with integrated punctual stitch programme Stepless speed control for very slow sewing Automatic thread tensioning Adjustable foot pressure Retractable feed dogs for free-hand guidance and quilting Large throat space (30.5 cm) & throat height (12.5 cm) – ideally suited for large sewing projects A total of 500 sewing programmes, including antique and retro stitches, satin stitches, decorative stitches, quilting stitches, 3 alphabets including numbers and special characters 12 buttonhole versions & one programmable buttonhole Elastic overcasting and overlock programmes for jersey fabrics Large variety of utility stitches  Integrated button sewing programme Approx. 1000 stitches per minute Large metal needle plate with milled spacing lines to create seams with the correct distance Second spool pin for sewing with twin needles  Automatic bobbin stop for lower thread bobbin Separate sewing-on button (tortoise button) Quick overview of stitches Mirroring and saving of patterns Ideal workplace illumination by means of 6 HQ LEDs Particularly suitable for sewing, patching & quilting Rotary hook without jamming,  7-segment feed dogs Multi-flex feet  Stepless needle position  Start-stop button for sewing without foot controller (an electronically regulated foot controller is included in the scope of delivery) Programmable needle stop position top/bottom An abundance of accessories Naturally, there are also detailed W6 application videos and instruction videos available under Service/Help/W6 N 9500C QPL Accessories included: Standard zigzag foot (pre-mounted upon delivery) Zipper foot Blind hem foot Buttonhole foot I, automatic detection of the button size Buttonhole foot II, manual setting of the button size OV overlock foot (only for sewing fabric edges; not suitable for sewing in the centre of the fabric.). Button foot Quilting foot Straight stitch foot Open satin stitch foot, transparent Special high quilting foot Spool cap for fixing the spool in place Four W6 plastic bobbins “Standard woven fabric” needle assortment Pen with touch pen 2 screwdrivers Ripping knife/seam ripper with integrated brush Round metal screwdriver for the needle plate Knee lifter Quilting bar External spool pin for putting onto the bobbin winder spindle Cover, folded, with recess for the handle All presser feet that are not listed here as accessories are special accessories. These special presser feet can be found under accessories (link to presser feet). Machine dimensions and weights Extra long free arm with 25 cm Length: 64 cm Width: 24 cm Height:  31 cm  Weight: 11.9 kg  Click on the image or right-click and open in a new tab or window Elektro- und Elektronikgerätegesetz (ElektroG) [German law on electrical and electronic devices]: WEEE reg. no. DE 16750009


The advantages of the W6 long-arm sewing machine

If you enjoy sewing quilts and patchwork projects, it’s worthwhile investing in a long-arm sewing machine, without a doubt. Our high-performance quilting machine with free arm has the lockstitch – ideal requirements for quilting and patchwork.

The W6 long-arm model is ideally suited to large projects, thanks to its practical width of 64 centimetres. You can transform your sewing tool into a free-arm machine with just one movement. Trouser legs can be hemmed with ease. Several bright HQ-LED lights illuminate the large working surface perfectly.

The quilting machine from the W6 luxury class is fitted with a 90-Watt high-performance motor. This can manage up to 1000 stitches per minute. You can enjoy more practical features, such as an industrial re-stitch button, knee lifter, a freely programmable automatic needle stop at the top and bottom, freely adjustable stitch widths and stitch lengths and more. You can also be amazed by the 22 straight-stitch needle position options and special accessories for quilting and patchwork.

Extensive special accessories included with your quilting machine

Your new long-arm sewing machine has a vast number of accessories. Included are special accessory parts which allow you to complete challenging quilting and patchwork projects. Your heart will definitely beat faster.

The ergonomic knee lifter allows you to raise and lower the presser foot, leaving your hands free to guide and move the fabric. The special high quilting foot is capable of extreme quilting use for particularly complex patterns. As well as special presser feet, standard feet such as the zigzag foot, the zipper foot, the blind hem foot, the overlock foot and more are also supplied. A quilt ruler is also included in the equipment so that you can always measure with precision, for your project to turn out perfectly.

W6 Wertarbeit for private and business use

Our W6 top-quality quilting machines aren’t just suitable for private households. Sewing schools and businesses with sewing courses can also benefit from the high-quality long-arm sewing machines. If you organise quilting and patchwork courses, your students can learn in the best conditions. The result will be wonderful quilts and patchwork creations made from fabric.

Of course, we also offer a comprehensive service package with our products. We will be happy to advise you to help you discover the perfect sewing tools. Register on our website and you will also receive a 10-year warranty on your purchased sewing machine. And if you need any maintenance or repair work carried out, our master workshop can take care of your W6 machine. You can enjoy real workmanship from specialists.

W6 Wertarbeit
W6 Wertarbeit
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