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W6 Nähmaschinen Sticktisch / Stickeinheit EU7 (150 x 250 mm) inklusive Hatch Organizer Sticksoftware
W6 sewing machine embroidery table/embroidery...
The new W6 embroidery unit EU7 comes with 150 extraordinary stitch patterns and four different fonts, special characters and numbers. The organiser-type Wilcom Hatch software, which is included in the price, allows for the creation of...
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€449.00 * €549.00 *
Order number: W-Z-EU7-ORGANIZER

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W6 Start - Set - Sticken
W6 embroidery starter kit
This set contains the following items: 1 pair of W6 special embroidery scissors All cutting work can already be done in the embroidering frame thanks to the curved scissors. The curved tip prevents damage to the fabric and the embroidery...
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€49.95 *
Order number: W-Z-STARTER-STICK

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Your embroidery table is compatible with the W6 sewing machine

Our embroidery table is perfectly compatible with our computer-controlled W6 sewing and embroidery machine models:

Your new W6 embroidery table is fitted with numerous beneficial features. These include an embroidery pattern preview, 150 embroidery motifs, different fonts, symbols and special characters, distance function, bending, rotating, mirroring, resizing and so much more. On an embroidering area of maximum 150 mm x 250 millimetres, you can embroider marvellous motifs with a maximum embroidering speed of 400 to 750 stitches per minute. Upload your embroidery motif to the machine directly via the USB connection. If an error occurs, the embroidery table warns you with an acoustic signal. You can quickly rectify the error, and the machine will complete your work.

The Hatch Embroidery Organizer embroidery software is also included!

You don’t have to pay extra for the embroidery software. Along with the embroidery table, you also receive the Hatch Embroidery Organizer embroidery software. You can manage and personalise your embroidery patterns just as you please. Once you’ve finished editing your embroidery motif, transfer the file to your W6 embroidery machine using the USB stick. The USB stick is also included.

The embroidery programme allows you to choose from extensive options. You can change the size and colours of your embroidery motif just as you please. The fabric you wish to embroider onto is also taken into account by the software. Before the actual embroidery work starts, you can simulate the entire embroidery process. You can also have the sewing machine optimise your motif automatically. If you would like to use your embroidery motif again or make changes to it later, simply save it in .EMB format.

You need a computer to use the Hatch Embroidery Organizer embroidery software. Be sure to check the system requirements before making a purchase.

W6 – Best workmanship for hobby tailors, sewing schools and schools with creative afternoon schedules

In private households, combination machines are especially practical. A W6 sewing and embroidery machine can be transformed into an embroidery machine with ease, thanks to our embroidery unit. This functional combination option is also excellently suited to schools and sewing schools for carrying out sewing courses.

Of course, we also offer a comprehensive service package with our first-class brand quality products. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you on our sewing machines and accessories. Especially interesting: If you register on our website, you will receive a 10-year warranty on your purchased sewing machine. And if you need any maintenance or repairs, our master workshop has the necessary expertise to get your sewing machine back in good working order. Check out our workmanship for yourself.

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