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This is why an inspection is important

Even a branded product needs to be serviced at regular intervals. Our sewing machines come with care instructions with simple explanations and illustrations that you can carry out yourself every three to four months. You can also find these on our website under the menu option Service / Help and by selecting your model.

Just as with a car, there are servicing areas in your machine that are not accessible to you. For this reason, we offer you a specialist, paid inspection. This should also be carried out at regular intervals in addition to cleaning and maintenance.

If you sew a lot, or your machines are in use by sewing students every day, you should book an inspection once per year. If you sew occasionally in your free time, an inspection every three to four years is enough. You can bring your sewing machine to us in person during our opening hours, or send it by post.

What is included in a W6 fixed-price inspection?

Once your sewing machine, embroidering machine or overlock has arrived in our specialist workshop, we carry out a complete inspection and service. You can save time and money thanks to our excellent and organised time and spare part management system. We also carry out the inspection and repairs at an attractive fixed price. 

This includes:

  • Work and service performance
  • Threader
  • Defective needle plates
  • Blunt hooks
  • Broken hook race
  • Damage to the cutting tools (e.g. upper/lower blade)

As the environment is important to us, we only replace parts which are indispensable for maintaining or restoring the sewing function. We enclose the old parts when your machine is returned to you.

Free replacement of warranty parts

The W6 sewing machines are branded products with a 10-year warranty. If you are registered on our website and purchased your machine there, you can make use of the 10-year warranty. During this period, parts covered by the warranty are replaced without further ado during repairs, without incurring separate costs.

Please send your machine to us in its original packaging with the original packaging lining. The correct packaging will prevent damage during transport. Transport damage is not covered by the warranty. If you have thrown out the original packaging, you can order the matching replacement box in our shop.

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