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W6 Nähmaschine N 1235/61
W6 sewing machine N 1235/61
Robust, stable & durable - This is the hobby sewing machine W6 N 1235/61 of the standard category » Variable stitch lengths and width adjustment ✓ Discover here!
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€99.00 * €119.00 *
Order number: W-NM-1235

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Delivery time appr. 2-4 days

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W6 sewing machine N 1615
Our free-arm sewing machine of the standard class will help you achieve the best results » Stepless stitch length selection ✓ Quick reverse button ✓ 17 sewing programmes!
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€89.00 * €99.00 *
Order number: W-NM-1615

Ready to ship today,
Delivery time appr. 2-4 days

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W6 Nähmaschine N 2000 Exklusive
W6 sewing machine N 2000 Exklusive
High user comfort at a small price – With our smallest computer-controlled sewing machine of the standard segment » 100 sewing programmes ✓ Multi LCD display!
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€189.00 *
Order number: W-NM-2000-EX

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Delivery time appr. 2-4 days

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W6 Nähmaschine N 2800 Exklusive
W6 sewing machine N 2800 Exklusive
Discover our exclusive standard computer-controlled sewing machines with 200 sewing programmes and three quick overview tables » Purchase now at W6 WERTARBEIT!
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€249.00 *
Order number: W-NM-2800-EX

Available on 12 August 2021

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What should you look out for when buying your first sewing machine?

Before you buy your first sewing machine, you should think about a few things so that you can enjoy your new hobby for a long time. First of all, think about what you actually want to sew. The type of machine depends on whether you wish to sew little things, or heavy curtains or leather, for instance. A sewing machine for beginners covers most sewing projects without difficulty. For example, if you have ideas for leather creations, it’s worthwhile looking at a more comprehensive model or a special machine.

Above all, a beginner model should impress thanks to its sturdiness and reliability. Brand quality machines like the W6 models meet these requirements with ease.

It’s also important to consider how much you want to sew. If the sewing machine is to be used occasionally, the volume is not a vital factor for your purchase. If you are planning to sew extensively and regularly, a quiet model will be gentler on your ears.

The best idea is to test your preferred sewing machine out, in our showroom, for example. Or perhaps you already sew with a W6 machine in your sewing school? Then you’re familiar with all the functions and can start your project without further ado.

Computerised sewing machine vs. mechanical sewing machine: The choice is yours

In our extensive range, you will find both mechanical sewing machines and computerised sewing machines. What’s the difference between the two versions?

As a beginner, it’s easy to get the two models mixed up. We can give you a brief overview. Perhaps you are familiar with a mechanical sewing machine used by your mother or grandmother. They are operated manually and have a maximum of 36 stitch types.

The technical, developed electronic sewing machines are controlled using a keyboard or a screen. Normally, you can often use well over 100 stitches. Owing to the computer technology, the computerised sewing machines are more expensive as an initial purchase and also in terms of maintenance and repair costs than the traditional models.

If you want to sew quite a lot, a computerised sewing machine will save you a good bit of time, thanks to the many automatic functions. The computerised sewing machines are also particularly well suited to beginners without any technical affinity.

If you would like to have complete control over the sewing machine settings and your sewing project, a mechanical sewing machine is more suitable for you. You will also save yourself some money, as you can buy the beginner models for attractive prices.

Sewing courses are fun with the right sewing machine

Many people who are interested in sewing learn the basics of sewing in a sewing school, at school or in a commercial sewing course. It’s therefore worthwhile for you as a sewing expert to buy sturdy and long-lasting sewing machines. Your protégés can learn this creative hobby and enjoy their first projects that they have sewn under your guidance.

We are happy to support you as your partner and have quality sewing machines for beginners available, among others. Give your sewing beginners real enthusiasm for needle, thread and fabric.

W6 – Experience the best workmanship

It isn’t just the first-class workmanship of our sewing machines that we care about. We feel that this should come hand-in-hand with a comprehensive service package. If you have any questions, we are happy to advise you by phone, or in person at our showroom. If you register on our website, you can also enjoy a 10-year warranty on your new W6 sewing machine.

Interesting for beginners: We supply every sewing machine with an instruction and use video. You can gain an overview and can start with your first sewing attempt straight away. If you need any maintenance or repair work carried out, our master workshop can take care of your sewing machine. With us, you have a reliable partner who appreciates real workmanship.